The Deal Is Made.

It's with great delight that I can finally announce that I have become an Ambassador for EVO Cycles here in New Zealand and along with it an Ambassador to Giant Bicycles here in NZ a...

Today Team USA will take on the World at the first World Cup.

Ill be honest I'm more excited being on this side of the fence than if I was racing myself.  I have around 12 of these medals over my caree...

Ever since I stumbled across this product and I just haven't been able to get hands on it quick enough.

The taste of this Broth is incredible. Its not a Soup but I drink it like one every morning. Cup...


Gimme a little bit of time to give you guys the full run down please. 

But take my word...initial testing...out of this world.

Here is the run down so far without my Professional Trainer Experience....

Gday everyone.

I thought I would take the time to write a small blog about what I have created and what the actual intention has been.

These programs took a long time to develop and I absolutely enjoyed...


This will change your Circadian Rythms

This little guy is a life saver. Essentially it shines bright white light to the photosensitive receptors in your brain via your ear canals. W...


Episode 7.

Due to strict UCI contract laws and regulations the waffle that Chuck and I were talking about at the beginning of...

There is no looking back

 I'm not going to drag this out and go on and on about my cycling career.  Instead I'm just going to take the time to thank everyone that made this dream a reality.

I would...

Uphill From Kilometer Zero

(A possible Scenario)

These Stages are what we have Nightmares about. "We" being Sprinters. 

There will be talks on the Bus whether or not we should warm up before the start....

In my opinion.

Lets take this from the last kilometre.

There already has been a major crash that has thinned the bunch completely.  If you look at the faces of everyone contesting the Sprint you can see...

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