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Level 3 of this advanced cycling training plan incorporates much more intensity into the program. To succeed at this level, it’s important to not only retain the habits you developed in the previous two levels, but also understand what your body needs to perform at the highest level. You must drink plenty of fluids to be successful at level 3 of this training, but don’t let that intimidate you. This level still has recovery periods built-in, because a fresh body is a healthy body. On the final day (day 28) of level 3, we will have a 20-minute test where you go all out to see how your body has adapted to the strenuous workload and proper nutrition.

TT Level 3

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  • Warm up

    Warm ups are essential to the success of all of my programs. It is the difference between having a quality training session where your body works at its best, or a workout that could potentially lead to an injury.



    Whether you’re training, tackling a sportive, riding a multi-day epic or racing, if you’re not keeping hydrated you’ll be compromising your performance, limiting training gains and prolonging the recovery process.



    The optimal time to stretch is immediately after you get back from a ride, but get clean and warm first. You will still get benefits in the evening and, if you are more likely to do a good job when relaxed, this is better, rather than a rushed effort straight after riding.



    Do not skip your rest days. Get it wrong, too little or too much, and your training (and racing) may come to a halt, reduce training benefits and significantly increase the time you will need to recover from a ride. 


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