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Imagine the feeling late in a race when you feel yourself getting weaker. You start to lose power and lose your form. Interestingly, when this happens, these are signals from your brain that are becoming weaker before your muscles start to fatigue. What if we could extend the amount of time in which your brain is outputting strong signals to your muscles? Well, this is exactly what can be done using Halo Sport.

Halo Sport is a neurostimulator that uses transcranial direct current stimulation to excite the neurons of the motor cortex. When pairing Halo Sport’s neurostimulation with cycling training, your brain learns to output stronger and more efficient signals. Your brain can more quickly learn the correct firing patterns in which the muscles should fire to become more efficient. This means we can hold strong, efficient form for a longer time. For example, when I do my strength training on my ergo, I use Halo for the first 20 minutes. My brain is then learning how to pedal at optimal efficiency and, therefore, for the same effort I am able to produce more power.

What I have also noticed is this means I have lowered my rating of perceived effort (RPE). I was amazed in the first week using Halo. It seemed to me that the rate-limiting factor of my performance was actually oxygen; not burning legs from lactate. Because my movements have become more efficient, I am not wasting energy, and therefore have more energy for a longer time. What an incredible sensation.

I love, love, love this piece of training equipment.

Here is World Cup Gold Medallist Dan Holloway checking improvements on his power numbers while Neuro Priming.

"Numbers never lie" says an old coach of mine Charlie Walsh.

If you’re keen to give this a try, Halo are offering Hendy customers an amazing $150 off. Go here and use code coachhendy at check out on what I believe to be a game changer in sports science.

There are a heap of reviews and studies on the science behind this product. Take the time to have a read, you’ll be amazed – and sold.

Actually now you may have noticed they have become official partners to USA Cycling. When you see this Stack at the USOC you know there is something behind it.

Click that link and perform.

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