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While other trainers are still good I believe Revbox more than supersedes them by providing you with the best low inertia, high performance training tool with an unlimited resistance range in a compact transportable layout. It not only replicates general road conditions but stands out because of it’s ability to stimulate specific muscular, aerobic, and anaerobic movement to improve key areas of your performance.

Why ride low inertia?? Low inertia means you have to make a full pedal stroke to keep the power consistent. There is no free follow on if you have a dead spot on a pedal stroke.

Training at carefully chosen pedal speeds and power outputs, certain muscle recruitment is targeted, and results in effective coordination and physiological efficiency gains. The Revbox Ergo’s low friction chain connection to the bicycle, enhance the specific inertia characteristics, which make for very stable dynamics at high intensity pedalling loads. This means the resistance unit will not gather momentum at high cadences, nor will it stall at low cadences. It will transform you into the most efficient pedaller in the peloton. It’s hard work…but it’s the unfair advantage you gain when you master this ergo.

It’s already great value for money but Coach Hendy customers get a nice 10% discount by using code coachhendy when you checkout here.

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