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Listen Up!

Gday everyone.

I thought I would take the time to write a small blog about what I have created and what the actual intention has been.

These programs took a long time to develop and I absolutely enjoyed every moment of it. I spent hours and hours designing them so that from day 1 to day 28 there was a gradual progression in either intensity (power or HR) or gradual intensity or length of duration in each interval as the your body adapts to the stimulus of training.

I have had 100's of people buy them and I always welcome feedback so that CoachHendy 2.0 can arrive one day and make you faster, fitter and stronger...more efficiently.


The number one question I get is, " I feel that there are so many unique ideas from your teammates over the years that I don't have time to recover"

Please..Relax. Just because they are 28 days long, it doesn't, for one second, mean the program has to be finished in 28 days.

This is just the template. Of course if I was individually coaching you I would be monitoring HRV, Core Body Temperature and resting HR along with hours of sleep ( deep, rem, light) whatever the case maybe. Then of course I can ring you and we can chat and decide ..."OK have done some fantastic work over the last 3 days but I can see fatigue has set in ( for whatever up all night...long international travel)...lets take a few easy days and kick off where we left off."

Please send a message if you would enjoy this option.

So...having said all this...please don't get confused with the program and feel like it all has to be done in the 28days.

If youre tired...add an extra rest day in! No problems at all.

If you want to meet the group on an early morning before work all means...go out and enjoy it.

If you want to go on a nice long weekend spin with your group ride...again...please do it. My point being....the programs are 100% adaptable and you can add in group rides where you like or add in an extra rest day where you like. Just pick up the program again where we left off and carry on.

I have created .zwo files for all those who run short on time so you can jump on Zwift and knock out the interval side of things under 90mins. This way you still get the quality in but may miss a few junk miles and get to spend that valuable time at home with the family....or...which is typically the a full time job!

Basically some of these programs may take 40days to complete which is fine. Bang for Buck. And not to mention they are all the latest efforts all my World Tour friends and coaches I have had over the years to take them to numerous TdF stage wins and World Titles.

A Template for success Get yours Here...

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