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Today Team USA will take on the World at the first World Cup.

Ill be honest I'm more excited being on this side of the fence than if I was racing myself. I have around 12 of these medals over my career as an athlete but today I will take great pleasure in helping Jim Miller preparing the Mens Teams Pursuit and Jen Valente in the Points Race Final tonight.


With out going in-depth....I have Jen doing Prestart on the rollers this morning just for activation and wake up the neuromuscular system. Low power with some RPM work. No lactate to circulate in the body just yet.

For the boys we have put on our biggest gear yet for the Teams Pursuit which is in alignment with the majority of training we have been doing at the Olympic Training Center. We need to hit around 116rpm +-2 and we will be within a Bull Roar.

Keep them calm and just "dumb it down"..."strong like tractor" I always tell them...its a 4min Sprint....Send it. The work is done. Now comes the fun part. The racing. Our opportunity to shock a few a nations and at least have them look up and notice USA is on the Track....the right track.

In order for a great time we need low pressure atmosphere like it has been over the last few days. We even had 990 to 995 millibars. Nice and fast.

Tonight with the Points Score Final,

I will basically instil confidence in the young Lady Jen. Between the 2 of us we have chosen a gear which she feels comfortable to Sprint on and also to attack the field and take a lap with others if needed.

One bonus working with Jen is we are very similar riders in terms of physical attributes on the Velodrome. I'm never going to say I am as good as her but when it comes to reading a race and deciding when its crunch time....we both can see it and react to quickly. Top end Speed is high...and the ability to make room in a bunch when needed...we can find it!

Don't wish us good luck...Just no bad luck!!!

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