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Proud Collaboration: EVO Cycles and Giant Cycles Ambassador!

The Deal Is Made.

It's with great delight that I can finally announce that I have become an Ambassador for EVO Cycles here in New Zealand and along with it an Ambassador to Giant Bicycles here in NZ also.

This has been a long time in the planning (mainly due to my injury) and finally we have sorted out the finer details regarding product and race schedule and training applications as we are are both heavily invested in Zwift and want this platform to rise even further as we go along.

Garmin has also expressed interest in our collaboration and now recording data has never become easier. Recording data is only part of it...the most important part is the interpretation of the data so we can find the smaller details that make us a faster, fitter and more efficient athlete. This is where will come in very handy.

The Giant Bike I will be training on is the TCR Advanced PRO Disc. I absolutely love this bike as a complete allrounder. Climbing, Sprinting....stiff and lightweight. You really can not beat this amazing machine.

I am back at Otago University under the strict guidance of Professor Jim Cotter and Associate Prof Nancy Rehrer. The knowledge these two alone have regard sport and exercise science is out of this world and by the end of this year I will have completed my BSc in Exercise Science.

In order to regain a racing body my dear friend Dr Stacy Sims has offered to help guide me on the nutrition side of things so I am 100% confident that what goes into my body is used for the correct reason during which phase of training or racing I am involved in.

My next goals on the bike are to become a World Champion again. I intend on competing in the 2021 World Champs and regaining another Rainbow Jersey in my favourite Bunch Race events on the Road but mainly on the Velodrome.

I look forward to a long and enjoyable relationship with EVO Cycles here in New Zealand along with Giant Cycles.

will endeavour to keep you all up dated regularly along the way.

Again I can't thank enough my Sponsors so far...EVO Cycles, Garmin

And of course my long term sponsor Midway Motors

Without the help of all the people mentioned it would be near impossible to set ambitious goals and set about achieving them. all sincereness...Wayne Mason ( Evo Cycles) (Garmin) and (Giant Bicycles) and Chris Henderson ( Midway Motors). Much appreciated. Lets build something that people will remember!

Thanks for reading and thanks for the support.

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