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In this Level 1 sprint training program, you’ll notice quick neuromuscular adaption - by the third day, you’ll already be pedaling so much more smoothly than before. This training includes some watt bombs, but without the usual peloton damage, and an endurance ride, because even sprinters deserve to enjoy some champagne cycling and sunshine.

In fact, this training incorporates nearly everything I perform leading into the Tour de France. I’m not saying Level 1 won’t hurt, but you’ll still be able to function. Take a crack at it! If you need extra rest days, take them and simply pick up where you left off. In order to get gains from training, you have to repair the muscles, so I’ll keep bleating on about perfect nutrition and the tips and tricks that have helped me immensely over my career.


Level 2 sprint training will test how much you really like your ol’ sprint coach. Days 6 and 7 are 4-hour (or more) rides solo or with your mates. Day 11 is a real race-feel exercise - and quite fun! You get to work on your aerodynamics at high speed. But then, full disclosure: Day 18 is Hendy Leadout Training, and these make me vomit just thinking of them. You’ll be hating Coach Hendy at the end of these two hours, I promise you. The final day is a splatter day, aptly named because your legs will be splattered all over the road at the end. Let’s do it!


This level will require a bit more mental and nutritional preparation before tackling such violent anaerobic exercises. You’re slightly stronger now, your body’s slightly more adapted, but it’s still going to hurt like you-know-what. “Anaerobic” literally means “living without air;” this is physical exercise intense enough to form lactate to promote strength, speed and power. Be ready to grovel home and recover appropriately. Day 28 is four hours of all the good stuff (but you may want to download Uber on your phone before you head out for the day).

When you’ve gotten through my sprint training, you can hold your head high around any cyclist in the world, I promise!

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By breaking down our training program into three different levels, a professional cycling coach can monitor the development of riders to ensure they are making the most of their training practices. When you incorporate these training levels into your regimen, you’ll experience faster and longer ride times. Be sure to contact us for more information on the dynamics of this program and the benefits of incorporating different levels.

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