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You’re the kind of cyclist who is looking for more in a cycling training program than most online programs can offer. You’re a fit, healthy, competitive cyclist who wants to boost your power and broaden the tactical and strategical components of your racing. 


I’ve designed, tweaked and tested all my programs to what I think is pretty darn close to perfection. I’ve used my 20 years of professional experience on the Velodrome and on pro teams (T-Mobile, HTC Columbia, SKY and Lotto-Soudal) to create authentic, world-class training programs for climbing, sprinting and time trials.


Training Programs

Each discipline has a range of levels designed to suit most riders of varying abilities, thanks to two important features: The programs can adapt to whatever time you can spend on the old ghetto sled; and you can begin at your current level of performance, whatever that may be. Each one consists of 28 days of detailed and directed training designed to significantly improve your technique, capacity, endurance, and speed - shop all programs.


Field Tests

Before you start you will be expected to perform a series of field tests. These will produce the benchmarks to measure your efforts during each workout and eventually measure your results from the 28-day program. The first test is a 20-minute all-out effort to gauge your maximum Function Threshold Power (FTP). Second, are 5-minute all-out sprints to indicate the number we need to use for maximum VO2 efforts and lactate shuttle efforts. 


Warm-Up Program

After years of scientific research, the AIS and GB cycling have perfected the oh-so-important warm-up and tried to keep it to themselves. Lucky for you, though, I’m mates with a few of the GB lads (and married to an Aussie Track World Champion). So I can share their secrets with you - shop warm up.


My promise

What you see is what you get with me, and what you put in is what you get out. No nonsense, that's the Kiwi way. I am fiercely competitive on and off the road, which is why you get that same determination in my training programs. As long as you’re committed to the process, I’m willing to stake my reputation on your success. 

It won't be easy but you will get results (if you aren't yelling some profanity through gritted teeth at me, I haven't done my job well)!
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