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The first level of this training plan for cyclists is all about technique and consistency. This plan consists of training for up to two hours for the first few days of the program, with recovery periods built right in. The key to developing the proper riding technique is to learn it while your body is fresh. Tired legs and a tired body can easily get lackadaisical, which could lead to improper training techniques and potential injury.


The goal of level 1 training is to take it slow to develop proper habits. After day 6 or 7, you should have the techniques mastered and can increase the intensity.


Level 2 of this advanced cycling training plan involves focusing on the right strokes, while maintaining the technique developed in level 1. You’ll be working with more power and mix in some high intensity training with lower RPM exercises as well. As each day goes by, the intensity level will increase, but you’ll feel like the cycling is getting easier. The fact is, cycling doesn’t get easier, you just get better!


Level 3 of this advanced cycling training plan incorporates much more intensity into the program. To succeed at this level, it’s important to not only retain the habits you developed in the previous two levels, but also understand what your body needs to perform at the highest level. You must drink plenty of fluids to be successful at level 3 of this training, but don’t let that intimidate you. This level still has recovery periods built-in, because a fresh body is a healthy body. On the final day (day 28) of level 3, we will have a 20-minute test where you go all out to see how your body has adapted to the strenuous workload and proper nutrition.

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By breaking down our training program into three different levels, a professional cycling coach can monitor the development of riders to ensure they are making the most of their training practices. When you incorporate these training levels into your regimen, you’ll experience faster and longer ride times. Be sure to contact us for more information on the dynamics of this program and the benefits of incorporating different levels.

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